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What Is Hubeleon…

Hubeleon is a range of software and hardware products we offer to facilitate EV charging and energy management/control applications. The word Hubeleon is the fusion of “Hub” (the central or main part of something where there is most activity) and “chameleon” (a species renowned for thier ability to adapt to an environment”. We design our products to act as network and system solutions that adapt to their application. We use systems engineering principles and a process adopted for our automoative engineering heritage to develop, create and support our products.


  • Charge point Hubs & Load Management

    The Hubeleon controller range enables sites with multiple chargers to manage their charging systems more efficiently by reducing costs of hardware and data systems. The range is designed to have products to meet a variety of needs, allowing the users to find the perfect product for their site requirements.

  • Information & Event Scheduling

    Schedule information/control events as simple events or triggers for sequence macros. Correlate device maintenance against fault events and measure against SLA profiles.

  • Charge Point Management System

    Easily administer your network of charging infrastructure with a system that combines the best features of ChargePoint Management Systems, Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance System techniques.

  • Intelligent Traffic Systems

    Manage vehicle counting, classification and identification systems and solutions using video, laser, radar and Automatic Number Recognition (ANPR) technology.


We are an enthusiastic team who believe in what we do and get a kick out of solving complex problems. Our skills and experience give us the competence to take on diverse projects and deliver fantastic service to our customers.

  • Mike Markoulides
    Mike MarkoulidesSolution Architect

    Mike is simply one of life’s genius. You have a problem, give it to Mike and you get back the solution.

    His experiences spans embedded, OS based applications through cloud architectures. He’s delivered solutions in vehicles, handheld devices, charge points and countless other applications.

    Steve and Mike worked together at Visteon on driver information system then went on to engineer POD Point’s Street & Solo product lines and  back office systems.





  • Steve Large
    Steve LargeCEO/Tech Director

    13 years of automotive electronics followed by 4 years of green tech startup has given Steve a breadth of commercial and technical experience few others can compete with.

    As part of the ZX Spectrum generation Steve was coding at 12, prototyping electronics by 15 and after an interlude of beer and social discovery returned to his explore his passion for technology.With a degree in Mechatronics and a MBA in Technology Management, Steve’s interests today lie in technology application and problem solving.

    Steve set up Hangar19 to create a place where people could come together, solve big problems whilst having fun on the way. Hangar19 is Steve’s second startup;  his first being POD Point which went from £70K turnover in 2009 to over £2 million by 2013.

  • Hannah Burton
    Hannah BurtonOperations Manager

    Hannah Burton has been handling charge point operations for the last 7 years; her experience is second to none and somehow she spins plates, juggles and will manage 17 installers across 8 clients, commission a handful of V2G charge points all in the average day.

    Hannah joined Steve and Mike at POD Point looking after EV drivers and customer support in the nascent days when charge points where scarce, EV charging standards were fluid and technology was moving so fast you couldn’t write a support process that could last longer than a week before new products, software or UIs came out.

    Today if Hannah has a spare moment she gets the joy of managing process control within the business, assessing the business process and gaps against ISO9001 and ISO14001 in preparation for assessment and accreditation.

Company Wheels 1: 2018 BMW i3s

Company Wheels 2: 2013 Nissan Leaf

  • Roy H
    Roy HOps Support & Assembly
  • Royston W
    Royston WProduct Development Manager
  • Dan W
    Dan WSoftware Development
  • Rajnish S
    Rajnish SFrontend Development
  • Jim A
    Jim AUX & Design
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