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eMobility – Chargepoint Management Systems

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eMobility Scheme Management

Hubeleon is a software platform developed specifically for eMobility and Integrated Transport/Traffic applications. The growth of intelligent transport infrastructure and use of ICT to monitor, control and interact with geographically diverse networks of devices created the need for management and control systems. Hubeleon has been designed by a team with extensive experience in chargepoint (EVSE) control/management systems, Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), ICT systems and Intelligent Traffic & Transport solutions.

With strong technological expertise and a focus on user experience we have developed Hubeleon leveraging technology to deliver functionality that is flexible and easy to use.

Platform Features

  • Overview/Dashboards
  • Network and Device Status
  • Fault Management with intelligent Alerting strategies (SMS, email)
  • Remote Management – control of devices, software update deployment
  • Access Control and management through card (RFID), Smartphone App or SMS options
  • Roaming and Interoperability though Open Clearing House Protocol (OCHP)
  • Billing & Revenue generation – tariffs, payment systems and accounting
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