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Charge point Hubs & Load Management

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Hubeleon Controller Range

The Hubeleon controller range enables sites with multiple chargers to manage their charging systems more efficiently by reducing costs of hardware and data systems. The range is designed to have products to meet a variety of needs, allowing the users to find the perfect product for their site requirements.

At the entry level, our communications modules reduce the operating costs and improves the reliability of charging point communication with a management platform. This increases uptime and ensures greater efficiency of communications for groups of charge points.

The controller range builds on our communication modules core functionality  adding load management, managing site import limits and balancing loads against other assets (such as solar, wind or battery storage).

Our controller range helps to improve the uptime of your charge points through unique diagnostic functions and improved communication technology.

Our current available range of products are:

  • Standard Communication Modules
  • Advanced Communication Modules
  • Hubeleon EVSE Group Controller
  • Hubeleon Advanced Site Management Controller
  • Hubeleon Dynamic Demand Controller

The Controller range are available for critical EV charging application where business critical services are performed with the vehicles being charged.


  • Reduced charge point capital costs – modems are no longer required in each of the charger points
  • Lower  operational communications cost – only one SIM needed to manage multiple charge points
  • Improved communications to charge point hardware
  • Removes risks of lost charge cycles impacting revenue earning potential from charger
  • Load management – maximise the potential charge point installations at site without impacting the grid connection, avoiding peaks and managing maximum current levels
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