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Flood Detection 

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Flood Detection Management

Our water-level event monitoring & management system is a cost-effective method for alerting users to over threshold water levels, it builds on communications solutions and back-office infrastructure that our team have developed & deployed for other utilities & networking operators, nationally & internationally.

Using state of the art LeakGuard flood sensing hardware we are able to define water level thresholds across a network of gullies, drains, pipes or other nominated conduits requiring flood or level monitoring. A sensor is fixed to the gully wall at 1 or more threshold points; once water reaches or recedes from the level, the device will issue an alert/clearance. The device is fully submersible (IP67), and can have a trailing antenna installed at, or very close to ground level.

Ideal for:

  • Cities
  • Business Parks
  • Highways
  • Railways

Our Flood Detection Monitoring Devices are affordable, flexible & easy to install. We can provide our telemetry system, working with you to give you what you want, with sensors, communications, data collection & presentation and a range of interfaces.

Breached water-threshold alerts are communicated to Hubeleon’s event management system using Sigfox net (or other nominated networks). Real-time status of all monitored devices & the threshold events at those sites can be viewed on the Hubeleon website. Hubeleon offers a suite of data visualisation utilities, network status screens, and mapped over-views which would assist in responding to live weather, flood or fault events.


  • Cost effective Real-Time flood detection warning system
  • Easy to deploy and easy removal for gully cleaning purposes
  • Multiple communications networks – Lowra, Sigfox, 3G/4G
  • Interface to monitoring platforms for maintenance and reporting
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